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Here’s your chance to be part of one of the highlights in Linacre’s – if not Oxford’s – annual calendar: the Linacre Lectures!

For the first time ever, we are looking to arrange a Q&A session with each guest speaker, subsequent to their lecture (ie. the following day). This will enable the audience to target specific areas of interest, and give us the rare opportunity to pick the brains of these preeminent scholars, who will have travelled from far and wide in order to share their insights.

We want to use this opportunity to get students – particularly Linacrites and/or those reading non-environmental degrees – directly involved in the running of this high-profile event, and so we are looking for Student Hosts to moderate the Q&A sessions.

Each Q&A session will require one student host, who will be responsible for:

  • assembling a list of questions to be asked at their respective session (these can be gathered both from fellow members of Linacre College and beyond),
  • moderating the session and posing the questions to the speaker,
  • writing a brief summary of the session (approx. 300-500 words) for this blog, and
  • generally helping to spread the word about their respective lecture+Q&A session (e.g. fielding questions from a diverse set of community members, inviting people, simply drumming up interest, etc.)

The role is of course not without its perks. Hosts will enjoy:

  • A seat at the Senior Fellows’ Table and Dessert, during the Formal Dinner that follows your speaker’s lecture.
  • Priority seating near the speaker, thus giving you the opportunity to interact one-on-one and/or network with a leading expert in their field
  • A leadership role as moderator of the following day’s Q&A session (ie. excellent CV material)
  • The admiration and gratitude of your college community for your contribution to our famed lecture series!

The task is neither time-consuming nor difficult but promises to be an entirely enriching experience, so if you would like to take part, please send an e-mail to francesca [dot] fernandez [at] with your name and the name of the speaker/session you would like to host. Likewise, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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