Overview: Speakers, topics, dates, and venue

Linacre Lectures
Hilary Term 2012
supported by Tetra Laval

Linacre College
Convenors: Dr Laura Rival, Prof Subir Sarkar and Prof David Sherratt

“Environmental Governance and Resilience”


  • 19th (Week 1)
    “Social-ecological resilience: A framework for stewardship in an uncertain and rapidly changing world”
    Professor Stuart Chapin (Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks)
  • 26th (Week 2)
    “Planning for ecological resilience on landscapes: the importance of the past to plan for the future”
    Professor Kathy Willis (Director, Biodiversity Institute)


  • 2nd (Week 3)
    “Enframing and poiesis in environmental management”
    Professor Andy Pickering (University of Exeter)
  • 9th (Week 4)
    “Governance, genomes, Gaia”
    Professor Gísli Pálsson (Dept of Anthropology, University of Iceland)
  • 16th (Week 5)
    “Solutions for a Sustainable and Desirable Future”
    Professor Robert Costanza (Director, Inst. for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University)
  • 23rd (Week 6)
    “Resilience and social-ecological systems”
    Professor Carl Folke (Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University)

Lectures will take place at 5.30 pm in the New Biochemistry Lecture Theatre (Ground Floor), South Parks Road.


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